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Pune-Lonavla Local Will Run All Day: Railway Minister

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Pune-Lonavla Local Will Run All Day: Railway Minister

Pune, 21st December 2022: During the winter session of Parliament, Maval MP Shrirang Barne voiced concerns about several railway-related issues.


The railway minister, Ashwini Vaishnaw, promised that the local train from Pune to Lonavla would run continuously all day long, the new technology would be used to modify the Ghat area, and the local train from Karjat to Panvel would move more quickly.


“Sinhagad Express coaches should be increased,” MP Barne stated in the meeting with the Railway Minister. “Local trains should run between Pune-Lonavala throughout the day. Lonavala and Karjat stations ought to be used as stops for long-distance trains,” the Minister further demanded.


The Railway Minister targeted the local railway authorities for ignoring the people’s representatives’ complaints and questions.


“Train service is stopped for a while for maintenance work,” added MP Barne.


“The citizens have some requirements regarding its timing. That should also be considered. People travelling from Pune to Mumbai in the morning suffer. Two express coaches should be added to accommodate this. The train receives a brand-new engine when it travels from Karjat to Lonavala. It requires time. In this regard, new technology ought to be utilised. It is necessary to prepare a new DPR. Can any changes be made in the Pune-Lonavala ghat area? Why should it be verified in this regard? A new route has been prepared. Then, the trains will run at speed,” MP Barne made various demands


According to the Railway Minister, Ashwini Vaishnav, “Local trains will run between Pune-Lonavala also in the afternoon.”


This statement refers to the fact that all of the works, including the Karjat-Panvel local railway line, will be accelerated. The number of coaches of Sinhagad Express will be expanded. The construction of the local railway line Karjat-Panvel will be accelerated. The construction of the railway up to Panvel, Uran, is in progress. With the assistance of CIDCO, efforts will be made to provide amenities at Panvel railway stations.


In the Pune-Lonavala Ghat region, a DPR will be prepared for high-speed rail. That will be handled by a company.




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Pune, 21st December 2022: During the winter session of Parliament, Maval MP Shrirang Barne voiced…

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