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Pune Inc Takes Up Cudgels Against Illegal Banners And Hoardings 

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Pune Inc Takes Up Cudgels Against Illegal Banners And Hoardings 

Manisha Swain

Pune, 19th December 2022: One can see a lot of banners and hoarding while travelling across Pune. Most of these banners and advertisements are illegal.

In this background, the Former MCCIA President, and Chairman of Pinnacle Industries, Sudhir Mehta took an initiative and informed about the same via Twitter.

Pune Platform for Collaborative Response (PPCR) is a volunteer group of prominent business, industry and start-up leaders to assess the potential gaps in the demand and supply of provisions in the Pune region.

While it is good to see the administration actively removing all illegal flex banners & hoardings across #Pune, it is equally important to ensure that the fines imposed are highly prohibitive & proactively discourage both first time & repeat offenders. I urge leadership of all parties in #Pune to come together, and pledge to ensure that all its members immediately put an end to all illegal banners and hoardings. Not only are they illegal & an eye sore, but they are also a huge safety concern. Unless we citizens collectively voice our displeasure especially to our local politicians & candidates, ‘Flex Bazi’ will only get more aggresive & more loud, especially during the upcoming elections. Local signature campaigns by housing societies can be the first step”, Mehta further tweeted.

To this, PMC tweeted, “@sudhirmehtapune and@ppcr_pune Hi, we have created a complaint about your concern and assigned it to the relevant department. The complaint token number is T33446. You can also track the status of your complaint at https://complaint.pmc.gov.in Thank you!

Following Mehta’s tweet, citizens of Pune started to voice their support on Twitter.

Dhaval Kulkarni, author of ‘The Bawla Murder Case’ tweeted, “+1”

One user tweeted, “+1 Looking forward to seeing the results and hoping these political parties and leaders can spend money on people’s welfare. The idea for them, instead of posting Physical banners and spending money to post social media banners, is free tagging of all the people and loads of graphics.”

Another user tweeted, “1+ we don’t want any posters, statues on roads. Clear the space for traffic or gardens. Why don’t these people sponsor maintaining gardens? Roads?? Signal system?? Clearing all kachara on the roads?? If they do, they will get more votes.”

“+1 Billboards are one of the factors causing #TrafficDistress Traffic distress makes drivers agitated and leads to accidents. More people then lose sensitivity and ask for more roads, even some of them cutting over/across #VetalTekdi… So NO FLEX BANNERS or HOARDINGS, please,” tweeted another.


Manisha Swain Pune, 19th December 2022: One can see a lot of banners and hoarding…

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